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Throughout my career, there’s always been a special place in my heart for cats. They have their own unique treatment needs and I could see how stressed they became when forced to share a clinic environment with dogs. Also, I appreciated how concentrating expertise and resources on one species could make a real difference to their treatment.

When the demographics of pet owning changed in their favour some fifteen years ago and cats became the world’s most popular pet, my dream of opening a feline-only clinic became financially viable and I seized the opportunity.

There were only two other feline-only clinics in the U.K. at the time compared to hundreds in the U.S.A so I visited cat clinics over there and was inspired by their high standards.

I returned home and after a long search found a new building, Bridge House, tucked away in a peaceful environment but with plenty of essential parking. It was an empty shell so I was able to convert the interior to my specifications. At 2,500 sq ft, The Cardiff Cat Clinic is the largest in the U.K. and the only feline only practice in Wales.

We are one of the few independent practices left in Cardiff. We strive to create a bond between us and our clients, discuss cases among ourselves to discover if there's anything more we can do for our patients, and keep up with the latest developments. When I hear clients say, ‘We love coming here.’ it makes my day. The cats don’t seem to mind either. Pheromones perfusing the air, a quiet environment, gentle handling, no dogs barking – it all helps make a visit to the vet as stress-free as possible.

I could go on, list all the sensible, commercially sound reasons for opening a feline-only practice - how they are the ideal pet for modern, urban lifestyles, how feline medicine is the most rapidly advancing branch of veterinary medicine etc but in the end it just comes down to the fact that I’ve never met a cat I didn’t like.

Michael Edwards – Principal, The Cardiff Cat Clinic