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Covid-19 update

30 March 2020

In order for us to carry on providing essential treatment for your pet whilst minimising person-to-person contact, we suggest the following procedure;

  • Telephone the surgery to establish whether your cat needs to attend the surgery.
  • We will then give you a designated appointment space.
  • Bring your mobile phone with you to the surgery and ring us when you are parked outside.
  • The first floor offices are closed so the whole car park is available for your use.
  • We will then collect your cat from your car.
  • Your cat will be examined by the vet and your carrier will be disinfected.
  • We will maintain contact by phone after the examination to discuss findings and treatment.
  • We will return the cat to your car or admit the cat for treatment if necessary.
  • You will then be able to pay over the phone.
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